Working with the Daily Sparkle has been one of our most rewarding experiences.

We see ourselves as much more than a high-end website factory and this project provided us with a chance to prove this and highlight our ability to bring many digital services together in one delivery.

The Daily Sparkle project illustrates what happens when aesthetic design, powerful functionality, copywriting and digital marketing best practice come together.

The product itself was fit for its market, engaging and stimulating but we helped firm up the user experience that was cluttered and confusing

Not Just a Web Design Team

Modern technology offers incredible benefits but only if businesses are aware of the right tools for their needs.

“VU Online have been fantastic in creating our new website. They are knowledgeable, professional and very inspiring to work with.”

At Vu we have a wealth of experience to bring to the table, but we have to get to understand the businesses we work with, through the close communication of our project process we were able to pull the relevant services together under one roof.

Working together with the Daily Sparkle team, we redefined their product offering into subscription packages with a whole new pricing model, re-organised the layout of information and tightened up the way everything was communicated to the target market.

Taking automation step by step

With its large typeface, generous spacing, bespoke designed iconography, soft-focus graphics and warm colour palette, the new design provides an inviting space for prospective customers to engage with the Daily Sparkle.

But beneath the hood of the new Daily Sparkle website if where the magic happens, we installed a powerful e-commerce ‘engine’ which can handle subscriptions, recurring payments and training course bookings all of which feed into email automation for customer on-boarding.

This process not only saves a huge amount of manpower for example, setting clear offerings, integrating order details orders with accounting software, and automating email conversations.  It also simplifies the offering to the user and upsells each step of the subscription packages to help them understand the benefits and gauge their investment.

A positive tone

Working together with the inviting visuals, the website copy, also provided by Vu, creates the motivation to take advantage of the free trial, book a training course or otherwise take action that benefits the client.

The Daily Sparkle were keen to maintain their upbeat, solution-focused brand image so it was important to strike a careful balance between positive tone and highlighting the presence of a problem to be overcome by responding to a call-to-action.

Smoothing the User Journey

Attracting visitors to a website or landing page and engaging with them is a huge part of the battle but turning visitors into customers requires something extra.

To offer a taste of the subscription the Vu team helped deliver a free trial system that automatically delivered downloadable PDFs of the customised Sparkles at regular intervals via email.

The combination of email delivery and automated support allows the user to experience the product, get a feel for the level of service offered from the paid services which helps bridge the gap between the curious and the invested.

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