Conker Shoes

An Ecommerce website for a Devon based shoe manufacturers.

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The British made shoe manufacturer chose Vu Online to create a new solution for their bespoke shoe offering. The ecommerce platform allows users to select designs in multiple colour, leather and sole options improving the customer choice and user experience.


Throughout the site, you’ll find information and videos that work hard to explain the unique Conker offering. We felt the story of British manufacturing needed to be reinforced through videos, enabling a voice for the craftsmen behind the brand. Conker shoes are handmade in Devon and the time, effort and skill involved in making hand crafted products is a story that users can now watch.


The website features a full re-design with bespoke functionality including multiple product selection and promotional videos. The Conker site has been developed with the latest adaptive technology, which allows the layout to re-flow according to the device being used. As mobile browsing is set to overtake computer browsing we have future proofed the website for years to come.


The Conker staff were thrilled to finally have an online solution that they can keep control of. The ability to show various custom options of the same footwear was a bespoke functionality that was essential to the Conker offering. The videos have also worked well to explain the craft and work inherent in each pair of shoes.

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