The Challenge

To improve the lead generating ability of their brand and website through a joined-up digital marketing strategy.

Who are Cisco Homes?

Cisco Homes are an established, family-run supplier and installer of eco-friendly Lapolla spray foam insulation. This is a product which not only benefits the environment by reducing home energy consumption but is also free from toxic HFCs and HCFCs.

“Our old website just wasn’t performing for us. We felt that we weren’t getting the most out of it and we didn’t feel like we were getting the right traffic to the website that we were actually looking for.”

The company work within a competitive industry and rely on quality leads to bring in new business. They believe in their product and are dedicated to providing high quality work.

Disappointed with the low number of leads they were receiving, Cisco Homes came to Vu Online for help. We discovered their existing website was very product-focused, a common issue with clients who haven’t been taken on a journey to understand their brand, its audience and the benefits they offer. 

A new, warm, customer-focussed look and feel to help convert new digital leads

We helped the company to polish their brand and set up a lead-generating strategy which included SEO research and strategy for content creation, PPC advertising and help with ongoing content creation.

Sealing the Strategy

Vu Online added value by coming at the issue from a marketing angle. We discussed with the client the visual representation they were projecting, and aided them to sell the benefit and end result with their products was the way forward.

The Solution

We quickly got down to the nuts and bolts of lead generation, creating optimised landing pages for their website and setting up a Pay Per Click campaign based on appealing to their customers’ needs.

“It’s early days, but since the website’s gone up and running and we’ve started with the AdWords, we have already generated the sale and I don’t even think that we can actually say in the four years that we had our last website, that we actually achieved that.”

Closing the Gaps

Cisco Homes have a large, capable team with multiple people involved in developing their marketing strategy. Vu Online’s experience in project management was invaluable in this case as we could quickly set up a workflow that kept all stakeholders in the picture and ensured that milestones were set and time and cost deadlines met.

One of the tasks we needed to focus on was polishing the Cisco Homes brand so that they would be in the best position to convert leads once they started coming in. We then helped them with creating quality landing pages which will not only help with lead conversion but should keep Pay Per Click (PPC) costs down. We very quickly moved on to mobilising a PPC campaign linked to those landing pages.

Another aspect of this multi-faceted project involved improving the technical optimisation of the Cisco Homes website so that it performed in accordance with the latest Google search engine algorithm updates.



Increase in Users


More Page Views


More Overall Traffic


Decrease in Bounce Rate

With a new website to handle conversions of calls, emails and live chat the foundations are now set for marketing outreach.

The brand definition work we undertook not only gives them a modern clean website but underpins the customer messaging and design choices which in turn speeds up the creation of content.

Vu are already undertaking some outreach on through online advertising and ongoing SEO research to educate content creation for the marketing team.

Cisco now have expert external guidance to create manageable campaigns and track their effectiveness.

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