Putting Function First

Having been swept up by a competitor’s vision of a whizzy, video-led website, our more measured approach took a while to convince the Careflex marketing team and their graphic designer. We explained how we saw details such as amazing graphics and powerful technology as a given. Function had to come before these embellishments.

In the same way as a Careflex chair’s function had to be the foundation on which the padding would be added later, a website’s main purpose was to organise information so that it attracted and engaged potential buyers. A big part of that would be getting the brand story right so that the user would trust that the products and services would be of the quality they were looking for.

While our pitch may have lacked the immediate impact of our competitors’, Careflex saw the sense of our marketing-led approach and rewarded us with the project.

A Supportive Framework

As expected, we soon found that it wasn’t flashy videos and slick graphics that would determine the success of this project – it would be how well we organised the masses of information they needed to provide to their customers.

Careflex have some fantastic stories to tell of those whose lives have been enriched through a life-changing chair

We would have to focus on information architecture if we were to organise multiple products for different audiences, information on health conditions, e-commerce functionality, events, blog articles and more into a user-friendly interface. It would have been easy to overcomplicate the menu or crowd the user with information.

On the other hand, we needed to ensure the user could see at a glance that any information they did need was there on the site.

Sitting Pretty

We have delivered an elegant, well-organised website which balances both style and substance and is fresh, modern and user-focused. Headline features can be boldly presented on the front page while the products page automatically fills the screen on hover, giving potential customers an instant idea of the many chairs on offer.

There is also a well-organised info centre which signposts visitors to their area of interest via large panels labelled with icons from a clean, smart icon set.

It is clear that this is a site users will want to engage with rather than just sit back and enjoy.

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