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As the renewable energy market grows and develops, Argand Solutions have the technical ability, experience and vision to solve many of the complex energy problems businesses will come across.

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Argand Solutions have created three new products to help renewable energy project developers.

  • GridMAP enables modelling of renewable energy scenarios for making investment decisions.
  • GridGEM helps project managers to manage compliant storage and grid integration.
  • GridEYE provides performance monitoring capability for keeping within energy and environmental limits and assessing the lifecycle of energy components.


The Initial Spark

Argand were looking to introduce some new products to the market and contacted us for help. This was an exciting project from the start as we were involved in naming and branding the products and integrating them into their existing brand.

Brilliant experts in the growing field of alternative energy, Argand know all there is to know about the technical details of their new products and how they would contribute to their clients. They needed help with translating that knowledge into digital assets they could use to market their products effectively.

This made it a nice challenge for us as we were involved in moulding the entire project, including slightly redefining the existing brand for a seamless fit. There was a lot of consultation work and collaboration involved throughout the project and we accommodated some changes of direction which led to the ongoing evolution of the website.


Full Steam Ahead

Every Vu project is different because every business is at a different stage of development and has unique needs. This project started slowly as it was important for all parties to fully understanding the developing brand and how it could be effectively brought to market through digital channels.

As the project progressed, our understanding had got to the stage where we were able to provide exactly what Argand needed when they needed it. Like a steam train gathering pace, everything then began to smoothly come together once we had built momentum.


A Bright Future

The three new products: GridMAP, GridGEM and GridEYE now have their own eye-catching identity within the overall Argand ecosystem. The product icon designs and colours are simple and the GridMAP product sits on its own domain. The sharp, modern design contains plenty of white space and visuals and is engaging without being overwhelming. It also blends in effortlessly with the existing Argand webpages for overall brand consistency.

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