The Challenge

Increase the return on investment Arborcure were getting from their existing lead generation strategy.

Who are Arborcure?

Arborcure had signed up to a marketing package from a household name but were disappointed with the low number of leads and lack of support. This is a pattern we’ve noticed with several recent clients where off-the-shelf solutions are simply not working.

With an increase in freelance workers, technology developments and viral tales: promises are easily made in the digital marketing industry and seldom kept.  The team at Vu offered realistic advice, guidance and support ongoing.

Arborcure, with a warehouse, machinery to maintain and staff to manage, were being held back from a lack of consistent lead generation. The Tribe Marketing Assistant package was ideal for Arborcure and quickly resulted in a significant increase in leads.

“Our old advertising would bring in maybe 4 enquiries a month, we now receive on average 7 a week since Vu took over.”

Branching Out

The first few meetings with directors Matt & John were about assessing the needs of the business, establishing what success looked like and doing our research to ensure their goals could be supported.

Only then could the Vu team honestly propose a way forward, with The Vu Tribe offering a small local team of marketing experts rather than a national account manager mainly interested in pushing products and services.

Arborcure became part of the Tribe on the Tribe Marketing Assistant package, an equivalent fit to their previous monthly investment, but with access to a wider range of services for their marketing needs.

The Solution

By honing in on Arborcure’s ideal customer we could focus their company’s message and landing pages. By researching more effective keywords and tweaking SEO and Google Ads campaigns for this demographic, we were able to boost conversion rates.

“We have (and will continue to) recommend Vu Online to other businesses who want to inject new life into their marketing and see a return on their investment.”

Quick Shoots & Organic Growth

By analysing each service one by one, identifying the user journey from search to enquiry we identified several points that needed reviewing to drive conversion, when we turned on the advertising it yielded instant results.

On an ongoing basis, Arborcure now have a partner to help identify and create content, so the organic reach can replace the paid, and they benefit from quarterly review meetings including a full analysis of marketing performance. 

They can now look at avenues they previously couldn’t explore with the range of services Vu offer as part of an ongoing relationship, targeting specific clients on a regular or seasonal basis with relevant news bulletins.



Increase in website leads


Increase in Users


Extra leads per annum


Reduction In Bounce Rate

Since working with Vu, Arborcure have seen enquiries rocket from four a month to an average of seven a week, for the same investment. 

When Vu focused on their landscaping services, enquiries for that specific service flooded in. When we switched our attention to tree surgery services, that side of the business picked up.

In their words: “Whatever changes they make certainly work.”

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The Tribe

The Vu Tribe is a monthly subscription to help small businesses generate more sales. It brings together brand development, storytelling, digital strategy, delivery & training. Every aspect of what we deliver is measured and is reported each month.

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