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Bringing Balance with the Vu Tribe

The most damaging problems to any business are often those they don’t know they have.

Take digital marketing: there is a big difference between having a digital marketing team and running an effective digital marketing operation. When we first start working with marketing teams we often find that they are strong in some areas but that other important areas are neglected. This throws the whole marketing function out of balance.

A well-functioning marketing team will have three elements: a focused marketing strategy, a skilled and knowledgeable team and the boots on the ground to deliver effective campaigns.

The strength and balance between these three areas will determine how consistent and effective your marketing is.

For example, if you have a strong strategy, you will identify what needs to be done but might go about it in the wrong way. Your team may waste time on trial and error or guess which tools and approaches are needed. Without adequate resource, campaigns can be inconsistent.

On the other hand, a skilled and knowledgeable team will have a strong grasp of digital marketing tools and techniques but may focus on the wrong areas or scatter their efforts if the strategy is weak.

How Vu can Help you Bring Balance to your Marketing Function 

Once the workload across the marketing team becomes too demanding, the knee-jerk response is often to engage multiple external agencies or freelancers to fill the gaps. Not only can this be difficult to manage but there is also inevitably a loss in translation.

Your marketing is the way you tell your story and by outsourcing, you lose some of that unique brand voice. When your brand becomes inconsistent, customers become unsettled and may start looking elsewhere.

The Vu Tribe can help you to regain that power. Rather than outsourcing work to us, we come into your business to become part of your team, understand your brand, audit your digital marketing function and provide the support and services you need to engage with your customers.

Smart Marketing with Vu Tribe packages

Businesses of different sizes and stages of development will have different marketing needs. To cater for this variation, we have created three Tribe packages. Each are focused on providing high value support and services across the three elements of digital marketing: strategy, training and campaign delivery.

To find out more, visit our dedicated Vu Tribe page.

The Tribe

Building your brand starts with telling your story.

It starts with a strong, strategic approach that explains in no uncertain terms why you do what you do.