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Are you Making the Most of Video?

There are some pretty impressive videos out there, so incorporating video into your digital marketing strategy can be a scary step to take. After all, how do you ensure that your video stands up to the competition? What resources do you need? Where do you even start?

Why Video is Taking Over

If you are not yet convinced about the power of video then here are some stats picked up from social share specialists Buffer and inbound marketing gurus Hubspot:

  • Video brings in three times more traffic to a website
  • 73% of video-savvy businesses reported a positive impact
  • People spend 88% longer on a website which includes video content
  • Prospects are 85% more likely to buy a product after seeing a video about it

ROI from video marketing is also moving in the right direction across the board due to the availability and affordability of hardware and software. The price of video cameras, webcams and mobile devices have tumbled and there has been an explosion in free and low cost software for editing and even live streaming content. Many of these products are surprisingly easy to use – even for the novice – but outsourcing video production and post-production is another option for those who want limited involvement with the technology.

Getting Video Right

Although it is now comparatively cheap and easy to get video content out there, it is important not to rush out poorly thought-out content. A decent video needs to be:

  • Focused on your audience

The best videos answer the questions that your customers are asking or delivers the kind of content they are interested in the way they like to consume it.

  • Aligned with your brand

If you promote yourself as a creative, edgy brand then a dull corporate video with a talking head in front of a plain background is definitely not in alignment. Pay attention to the storyline, background design, personalities, tone of voice, clothing and text and make sure everything is consistent with your brand values.

  • Within your technical capabilities

It is better to produce a simple video well than to mess up trying to win an Oscar (watch a few episodes of ‘The Apprentice’ if you need cringeworthy proof of this). As the price of video cameras and editing software comes down, there is a temptation to overstretch the mark with fancy graphics and special effects. If you do want to go down that route, consider outsourcing your video production to a company with proven expertise.

  • Shareable

There is no excuse not to make your videos easy to share. If you are relying on your viewers to copy and paste a link then you are in for disappointment. If your video appeals to a viewer they need to be able to click a button to spread the word via their chosen social media channel. Your web designer should know how to set this up for you if you don’t.

  • Measurable

You need to have some means of measuring the success of your video and there is a lot of free and low cost analytics and social media monitoring software that can help you with this. Views are good but shares are even better.

3 Types of Video to Boost your Brand

Understanding what your video is for will help to guide its content, production and placement.

Three of the most popular types of content are product videos, brand videos and social media videos.

Product Videos

Product videos centre on specific products or services from your range and highlight the benefits in a clear and compelling way. Note I said ‘benefits’ not ‘features.’ There is an oft-mentioned marketing quote (attributed to an advertising man called Leo McGinneva) which points out that people don’t want quarter-inch drill-bits, they want quarter-inch holes. In other words, don’t waste time harping on about the specifications of your product or service. Instead, take the opportunity to illustrate how it will make your customer’s life easier or more fulfilling.

In terms of the customer buying cycle, product videos are ideal for both the awareness stage – to whet the appetite – and at the research stage where you can highlight even more benefits.

Brand Videos

Brand videos are designed to showcase your brand values. This type of video is ideal for your home or ‘about us’ page where it gives you a real chance to drive home your unique positioning in the marketplace.

Social Media Videos

Videos for social media can be about products, services, your people, your brand values or other topic but they must tick several boxes. They should normally be short in length, light-hearted, people-focused and, most important of all, engaging. When analysing the success of social media videos, look at the number of shares as a percentage of views. The best social media videos manage to hook into a current trend, extending your reach way beyond your immediate social network.

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