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Why is an Advertising Agency Important for Business Growth?

It is natural for businesses to be hesitant when it comes to handing responsibility for critical business areas to outside parties. However, there is a time in every business’s growth cycle where the core team have to expand beyond the confines of their own circle.

Building a relationship with a good advertising and marketing agency helps a business to focus the bulk of their time and money on improving their operational efficiency. For example, there are plenty of guides on how to increase efficiency, negotiate better deals, develop personnel, build processes and incentivise teams.

The role of the advertising agency is to tap into the unknown potential sitting outside the business.

Reasons to Think Outside of your Team

Isn’t your team in the best position to advertise your products and services? Not usually. The right external advertising agency will act as an extension of your marketing team – but one offering many extra advantages:

A Fresh Perspective

An internal team can be too close to a product or service. Like a tree, a business needs not only healthy roots and trunk (for stability and sustenance) but also healthy leaves to breathe and capture sunlight. The right advertising partner can find bright new opportunities for expansion.

Dedicated Time

Let’s be honest. An internal marketing team is rarely allowed to focus solely on their job of researching markets and creating ad campaigns. Every extra task assigned to these personnel will dilute their effectiveness in their main role. In contrast, an agency will be working only on delivering successful campaigns that improve your bottom line.

Cost Effectiveness

A full service agency will bring multiple skills together under one roof. Rather than frittering away your budget on one-trick ponies, you can make sure every penny is spent solely on your campaigns.


Dedicated advertising agencies know the tools and techniques needed to measure campaign performance and report them in clear, plain language. Internal teams often track the wrong metrics or fail to measure results at all, driven mainly by belief and ‘group think.’

Experience and Connections

Although every advertising campaign is unique, an experienced advertising agency will have come across familiar challenges to the ones you are facing. Whether it’s tapping into a new market or selecting the right social media platform, a good agency will draw on past lessons to reduce the time spent on trial and error.

Experience also brings contacts and connections. An advertising agency will always have an expert on the end of a line who they can turn to for advice or support.

Making the right decision when working with an advertising and marketing partner will bring your business the best of both worlds: a fresh and vibrant marketing strategy and lean, efficient business systems.

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