Training and Consultancy

We provide basic training sessions every month at Vu HQ or deliver bespoke packages at your business with your team. Have a look below to see what’s right for you…

Training Courses

Every month at Vu we put on a half day training session to help you develop your skills.  These basic sessions will enable you tackle different elements of digital marketing one step at a time and are relevant for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

These courses are perfect for those of you looking to brush on latest best practice tips or just getting into the subject – we can also arrange advanced or bespoke sessions to meet your needs just get in touch.

Training courses are priced at £150.  For those signed up to one of our tribe packages, you get free access.

The courses will be delivered at Vu HQ, in intimate groups of less than 10 like minded businesses, this also provides an opportunity to share stories and build collaborations with the tribe.

The syllabus for each is below…

wordpress training course (8th May)
social media training course (18th June)
branding training course (18th July)
seo training course  (9th August)
email marketing training course (11th September)
digital marketing training course (17th October)


If you are looking for a more hands off approach you may consider a consultancy arrangement. We can act as marketing executives in quarterly board meetings setting and reporting back progress towards achieving marketing goals and KPI’s.

Having been in the industry for 10 years, not just delivering services but focussing on helping businesses grow, we know what it takes to succeed and how to work with you and your team to enable progress.  

We will likely be wanting to understand your customer journey from start to finish, getting to know staff and their roles and interactions with the customer, delving deep into systems and processes and making suggestions for growth.

If you want to build a bespoke training session, get in touch and let us know about your training requirements.